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2020 Virtual Strawberry Festival - online, June 27

For everyone who's missing the on-site festival this year, we're hosting online performances by some favorite musicians who are offering their support.

Please visit and join our Strawberry Festival Online Vendor Space to see them Saturday, 6/27 at
Performances start at 11:00 am. While you're there, be sure to browse the hundreds of vendor items that are on sale and place your highest bids on our auction items, which are much in demand -- the auction ends at 8:00pm Saturday evening.

Proceeds from the online festival will help Kanatsiohareke continue its cultural programs and ongoing operations during this difficult time. If you can make a direct donation, please do so, using our Donate button at



2020 Strawberry Festival Online Vendor Space (June 16-30)


The Mohawk community at Kanatsiohareke invites you to support the Vendors and Artists who annually contribute to make the Strawberry Festival a success each year. Even though we had to cancel the in-person festival this year we are still hosting a virtual vendor tabling event, from June 16 to June 30. 

To participate, join the Facebook group at

On 6/21, we added an online auction on the  vendors space, with proceeds from auction items going directly to support the Kanatsiohareke community. 

 Please browse the vendor posts by TOPIC and select ONLINE AUCTION to view this year's contributions. You can bid by making a comment on the auction item you desire, announcing your bid amount.  Please bid generously, and often! The auction ends on Saturday, 6/27 at 8:00pm -- after we enjoy  some online performances by top native musicians, in the spirit of our many great on-site Strawberry Festivals!  

To join the space as a vendor, first pay the $10 tabling fee at, then accept the vendor commitments  when joining the Facebook group. Vendors must provide their own online payment system and must ship purchased items directly to their buyers. Each vendor is also asked to donate one item to the online auction to be held on June 27, and donate the proceeds to Kanatsiohareke.


2020 Indigenous Writers' Group (June 8 -12, 2020)


Kanatsiohareke’s Indigenous Writers’ program will be held online this year, to eliminate any need for travel and to protect the health of all.


Open to Indigenous graduate students and writers, the program offers a week-long opportunity to work on that dissertation, thesis, paper, report, proposal, article, journal, course outline, or other literary work - with the support of other indigenous scholars, and advice from guest PhDs.

See the flyer below for details about the 2020 Indigenous Writers' Group. 

To register, please return the completed registration form (page 2) by June 6, 2020. 

Consult the calendar to see upcoming events


See the flyer below for details about the 2020 Indigenous Writers' Group (June 8-12, 2020). 


To register, please return the completed registration form (page 2) by June 6, 2020. 

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Niawenkowa for your interest and support.

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