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honouring our volunteers


Mohawk Community

Reestablished September 1993

Take Peace with You
Celebrating the ones who make it all possible...

Over the many years since 1993, hundreds of volunteers donated nearly 6,300 hours of their time at our annual festivals as well as our other programs throughout the seasons. They came from churches, civic groups, and corporations but many were also individuals who simply felt a strong calling to help in any way they could. Hundreds of other county residents, groups, and organizations donated money, food, or life skills expertise (and in many cases, all three!) to help Kanatsiohareke continue its mission.

Anyone wishing to volunteer their time and talent to Kanatsiohareke is welcome; just complete and submit the Volunteer Application

"Niawenkowa for your interest and support of Kanatsiohareke. "

Getting involved
Help our community stay vibrant, leave with a bigger heart
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